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Photo by Holly Burke

Therapeutic Flow

Therapeutic flow combines elements of vinyasa and restorative yoga.  This practice is based on breath centered movement.  Postures (asanas) are linked with the breath (pranayama) by leading with breath and following with movement.  This allows us to be more conscious of what is happening within our breath and our body.  It provides space to observe how we are responding to the asanas (physical movements) and gain a better understanding of what we need physically and mentally in our yoga practice. It changes not only every time we step onto our mats, but within the same day as well.  What would happen if we allowed ourselves to slow down? Are you willing to take slow conscious movements that will allow you to preserve your muscles and joints?  What if you stepped onto your yoga mat and made the practice fit your needs, rather than a one posture fits everyone perspective?

We practice gentle therapeutic movements & breathing to determine what our bodies need in that moment. Each class uses props (blankets, blocks, straps, bolsters, chairs & the wall) to provide support & feedback to our bodies. Props are provided. We begin and end each class in a passive supported posture to transition from the tension of the day and to gain a deeper connection to our breath. 

Therapeutic flow can be challenging, however, I take the time in each class to adapt the practice to what you need.  The movements will allow you to strengthen your body, increase flexibility, improve balance and release the stress we hold in our bodies throughout the day.  In addition, you will come away learning more about your body and how to find a balance between your strength and flexibility!  Do you tend to work more on the things you are already good at?  Do you push harder in areas you already feel strong and flexible? If you are willing to explore a healthy balance for your body, then Therapeutic Flow is the right class for you!

Classes are suitable for beginners as well as students practicing yoga for several years.  If you are recovering from an injury or illness, please contact me to determine if the group setting is appropriate. I'm available by phone or email to discuss further.  We can discuss working one on one until you are comfortable coming into a group class.